Projects - Software, Tools, Music etc

BitShop is a Bitcoin e-shop script designed for selling digital items such as software files and product keys.

Timesheet App
A simple timesheet web app running on PHP and MYSQL. It was originally designed for a construction company but should be easy to customize if you know a little PHP.

A user-friendly interface for interacting with AI. Includes a voiced chat bot feature with an animated and customizable avatar. Built with Electron.

[ALPHA] Cosmic Void
Cosmic Void is an experimental procedural universe engine which makes use of OpenCL and OpenGL.

[BETA] Cryptonite
Cryptonite is an innovative new generation of cryptocurrency using the light weight mini-blockchain scheme.

[BETA] MBC Block Explorer
A PHP (no database required) block explorer script designed for use with mini-blockchain cryptocoins.

[BETA] MBC Web Wallet
A PHP (no database required) web wallet script designed for use with Cryptonite and its variants.

[BETA] The Local Bay
The Local Bay is a desktop application designed to search magnet dump files from KickassTorrents, Bitsnoop, and ThePirateBay.

[DEV] P-ray Engine
An experimental 3D rendering engine designed to render polygon scenes using ray tracing.

Game Mods
Some of the mods I have created for Bethesda games, for now it's only Fallout 4 mods.

This is a browser based puzzle game where the player must defeat various "hacking" challenges.

Music & Videos
A collection of all the music and videos I have made for a range of different purposes.

Novels & Short Stories
A collection of some novels and short stories I have written are available for free on Booksie.

Prefix Key:

  • [DEV] - Project is in early development stages. A download may or may not be provided.
  • [ALPHA] - Project is in Alpha stage. A download may or may not be provided.
  • [BETA] - Project is in Beta stage. A download should be available.
  • [RC] - Project is listed as a Release Candidate. Might have frozen features.
  • None - Project is extensively tested, needing only small patches and bug fixes over time.

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